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The last decade in the baking industry has seen a shift in food safety attitude from a reactive approach to a proactive approach: a policy of proving the bakery is clean and the food is safe rather than assuming. 

“Crisis management plans can no longer be limited to product recalls,” said Steve Robert, global vice president of sales, marketing and product innovation for AIB International, in this episode of Since Sliced Bread

In this episode, Mr. Robert walks through how food safety programs have had to shift over the years and why it’s so critical to get food safety right. He details not only how things have changed but also how critical training is to ensuring the finished products leaving a bakery are truly safe for consumption. 

“All of us our consumers, and we want to be safe and we absolutely want our families to be safe,” he said. “This is a significant public health burden. It’s massive.” 

Listen to this episode to hear more about how attitudes around food safety have changed and how training can help baking companies be more effective in their food safety programs.

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