Lallemand Baking introduced an enzyme-based dough strengthening solution that will help bakeries reduce their gluten usage in bread formulas. Essential GR 1620 WW is easy to scale and allows a reduction of 20% to 50% of added gluten — depending on the application — and contributes significant cost savings, according to the company.

“Reducing gluten in the formula tends to negatively impact the balance between dough elasticity and stability,” explained Brian Fatula, vice president at Lallemand Baking. “To allow bakeries to optimize their process and increase profitability, we made sure Essential GR 1620 WW is clean label, convenient and increases gluten functionality for improved dough strength and stability in reduced added gluten in bread formulas.”

Lallemand Baking developed Essential GR 1620 WW to offer a competitive advantage for bakeries while helping them achieve good-quality loaves. According to the company, bakeries can expect significant total processing savings based on overall cost of ingredients.

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