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Keeping team members at all levels of the bakery in the loop when it comes to food safety goals and changes is critical to success when food safety regulations and practices can experience so much change. By engaging team members from the production room floor to the c-suite, baking companies can ensure that everyone in the company can take ownership over the protocols in place to keep food safe.

“The most important ingredient is your team, always be open to feedback from your team members at all levels of the business and continue to fully engage your teammates in any changes to your culture,” said Des Flahive, senior vice president, food safety and quality assurance for Aspire Bakeries, Los Angeles, in this episode of Since Sliced Bread.

Mr. Flahive noted the importance of communication throughout the year, not just once in order to promote compliance with a company’s food safety policy. Aspire Bakeries does this throughout the year through regularly scheduled training and events.

“We identify our goals and objectives at bakery and corporate level from a food safety perspective, we communicate those through our events and then we meet regularly with our bakery teams through our town halls, shift huddles to review our progress against those goals and objectives,” Mr. Flahive said.

To learn more about how Aspire Bakeries disseminates its food safety protocols and adapts them to each team, listen to this episode of Since Sliced Bread.

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