KANSAS CITY — During the American Society of Baking’s (ASB) convention in Chicago, one of Sosland Publishing’s very own will be inducted into the Baking Hall of Fame. For more than 40 years, Mike Gude has worked as publisher on several industry-leading publications, but during that time, he has meant so much more to the baking industry. As Larry Marcucci, chief executive officer, Alpha Baking Co., noted, Mike is a tireless supporter of the baking industry.

“It’s one thing to be recognized in our business as a baker or supplier, but Mike isn’t involved in any of that, yet he is always a tireless promoter of our industry that very few people can compare to,” Mr. Marcucci wrote in a letter of recommendation. “His connections in the baking community run both wide and deep, and he works seamlessly with both allied as well as bakery professionals.”

On occasions when they ran into each other, Mr. Gude was always focused on helping bakeries sell more bread.

“For a person who has no brand to sell or equipment to help make them more product, he constantly is focused on improving the prospects of our industry,” Mr. Marcucci observed.

On a one-on-one level, Mr. Gude networks like nobody else, connecting people who might not know one another to make their businesses better and building a stronger industry.

Mr. Gude is known for saying, “You can fake caring, but you can’t fake showing up.” Those are words he lives by. When he shows up to be inducted into the Baking Hall of Fame, let’s all be there to show him how much we care as well.