MANHATTAN, KAN. — AIB International Certifications Services Inc. now offers Roundtable on Sustainability Palm Oil (RSPO) Supply Chain Certification (SCC) services. The certification service can be offered in any country in the world, except China.

Palm oil is probably one of the best-known and most debated ingredients in the food industry. Due to the negative impacts on the environment, wildlife and human rights, many food companies have been steering away from incorporating unsustainable and traditional industrialized sourced palm oil into their products. As a result, it has become quite common to see the term “sustainable palm oil” in the ingredients of processed goods. 

“Becoming an approved RSPO Supply Chain certification body was the next natural step for AIB International Certification Services Inc.,” said Alfonso Capuchino, vice president of certification services. “We will be able to support our food supply chain customer’s sustainability efforts by verifying whether the palm oil they use is produced sustainably without harming the environment and people who live and work in oil palm producing countries.”

The RSPO Supply Chain audit also may be combined with a benchmarked Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) audit process, which optimizes organizations in the food supply chain that take legal ownership of RSPO oil palm products or physically manipulate and/or store RSPO palm oil products while demonstrating their commitment to food safety and sustainable palm oil usage.

“By obtaining an RSPO certificate, organizations in the food supply chain can provide assurance that the products they produce, distribute or commercialize adhere to the RSPO supply chain certification requirements,” Mr. Capuchino explained. “This assurance is becoming increasingly important as customers and consumers keep growing more inquisitive about the environmental and social consequences of purchasing decisions and expecting companies to increase their commitment on sustainability efforts.”