TOKYO — In Calbee, Inc.’s latest presentation to investors, the Japanese snack food company laid out its vision for the next seven years, including plans to expand its presence in China and North America. The company aims to improve profitability in its domestic business while also investing in areas of growth overseas to improve stagnant sales.

Calbee has identified North America and China as markets that offer medium and long-term growth opportunities. To grow business in these markets as well as the company’s domestic market, Calbee announced it will reorganize its existing structure of domestic sales, domestic production and overseas companies into three main regions: Japan, Europe and the United States, and Asia and Oceana. By 2025, Calbee aims to achieve a sales ratio of 30% to 35% in overseas business. Currently, overseas business accounts for 26% of Calbee’s total sales. 

The strategy to get there centers on strengthening Calbee’s Japanese brands primarily in China and North America, where the markets are largest and pose the most opportunity for growth. In China, the Calbee brand is already recognized and there will be a focus on the Jaga, Pokkuru, Jagabee and Frugra brands. In North America, Calbee will build off a foundation of recognition for the Harvest Snaps brand and expand into puffs and tortillas. The company also plans to strengthen the presence of its Kappa Ebisen and Jagarico brands. In the long term, Calbee announced the intention to develop Jagarico into a global brand.