BUFFALO, NY. — Rich Products introduced a new service called Rich’s Academy, a free online education platform that helps foodservice professionals of any experience level hone their industry skills.

According to the company, Rich’s Academy consists of several major elements: “Continuing Education, Courses and Training,” “Insights and Trends” and “Culinary Live: Live Event Series.” “Continuing Education, Courses and Training” helps professionals improve their culinary expertise and fulfill pre-existing education credit requirements with authorized courses and training materials that may be customized to the learner’s liking. “Insight and Trends” features high quality research and insight from both Rich’s research department and its baking and culinary teams. “Continuing Education, Courses and Training” includes Culinary Live, a webinar series that may either be livestreamed or watched on-demand, featuring relevant applications, culinary insight and product info.  

“Rich’s Academy was an idea born during the pandemic,” said Jamie McKeon, senior vice president of demand creation at Rich Products. “As a trusted partner, we needed to create a digital way to continue to deliver innovative solutions and enhanced value to our customers. What resulted is a fantastic resource that will provide ongoing training, skilled instruction and menu innovation to foodservice and bakery professionals everywhere, especially as the industry grows and evolves.”

Rich’s is a family-owned food company that sells products to homes, restaurants and bakeries around the world. The company has more than 100 locations across the globe and has annual sales of more than $4 billion.