KANSAS CITY — D Thomas + Associates, a manufacturer of packaging systems and material, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Brad Burris, chairman of the company, attributed D Thomas’ longevity to its technical expertise and marketplace experience, as well as its ability to foster relationships with customers and suppliers. 

“We spend time with people, and it’s those connections that have built and maintained so many long-term associations,” he said. “It's the collective intelligence of the group that makes a relationship with D Thomas important and successful.”

D Thomas began by brokering ingredients to the baking industry in 1973. At the time, plastic-based packaging materials were first being developed, and the manufacturers of these materials partnered with D Thomas to introduce them to the baking industry. 

This strategy helped D Thomas become an industry authority in packaging material, a reputation Mr. Burris said means everything to the company and one it strives to maintain.

“Without it we wouldn’t have lasted five years, much less 50,” he noted. “Coupled with our experience, technical innovations and firm belief to fairly represent the buyer and the seller, it is what will keep us going for another 50 years.”