ORLANDO — Alf and Nadia Taylor, founders of TNA Solutions, a food processing and packaging equipment supplier, received the SNAC International Circle of Honor award at SNAXPO, held March 19-21 in Orlando, Fla.

“We truly feel humbled and very honored,” Ms. Taylor said when receiving the award, indicating that she and her husband have enjoyed networking at SNAXPO over the years. “I love the industry but besides the business that goes on, I love the partying that goes on as well.”

The couple launched their company in Australia in 1983 after first setting up a consulting business the year before. Mr. Taylor — in a pub on a beer coaster — sketched out his idea to take a rotary continuous motion machine that bagged snacks and flip it vertically, significantly increasing its speed. This allowed the machine to package about 90 bags a minute, a number that represented a leap forward for that type of machine at the time.

He has continued to make improvements on that design, with the fifth generation of TNA robag packaging system now achieving speeds of up to 250 bags per minute.

TNA has expanded its portfolio over the years to provide end-to-end solutions for food manufacturers. 

Mr. Taylor attributed the company’s global success to the products and people at his company.

“It all has to do with developing really good products. And having really first-class people is absolutely fundamental,” he said. “You’ve got to have a plan for the future, and drive your company to the plan. But you’ve got to be prepared to change the plan. Life changes and you never get everything right, but Nadia pretty much gets everything right.”

TNA sells more than 140 products, including packaging equipment, fryers, conveyors, seasoning and coating systems, metal detectors, weighing, inserting and labeling machinery. The company holds more than 840 patents worldwide.

The Taylors are philanthropists who set up a humanitarian organization, the Nadia and Alf Taylor Foundation, which supports more than 150 charities in 39 countries. More than $12 million has been donated to charities, many focused on children, in the areas of education, health care, social welfare and human rights. 

Ms. Taylor said the organization helps the poorest of poor children, providing education, food and clothes, among other items.

“We always said that if we were successful with this business, we want to help disadvantaged children,” she said. “We truly believe education is the way out of poverty.” 

The Circle of Honor award recognizes the achievements of snack food executives who have been leaders in their companies and the association.