LITTLETON, COLO. — The Wheat Foods Council (WFC) held its sixth custom workshop at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Napa, Calif., on March 21-22. Many chefs from across the United States, which include some chefs from WFC-affiliated milling companies, attended the workshop. According to the WFC, these chefs set menus for restaurant chains, commercial foodservice, universities and dining management companies. They also developed products and product uses for food manufacturing companies.

Led by certified master chef Victor Gielisse of the CIA Consulting Group, the workshop’s curriculum explored how flavors from around the world, especially Southeast Asia, are “leading culinary innovation and can be featured in captivating limited-time offerings to drive business success,” according to the WFC. The workshop also featured two half-day cooking exercises in the CIA kitchens as well as expert speakers from different sectors of the industry presenting important topics for aspiring chefs. These presentations included “Six Classes of Wheat” by Kent Juliot and Kirk Borchardt (Ardent Mills), “Global Baking Industry Trends” by Joanie Spencer (Avant Food Media), “The Wheat Industry and Fad Diets” by Tim O’Connor (WFC), “Easy Mix Global Flavor Applications” by Stephanie Petersen (PHM Brands) and “Growing Wheat” by Ron Suppes (Kansas Wheat Commission).

“The overarching goals of the workshop are to provide chefs with information that will advance their businesses, stimulate new thoughts about wheat foods to bring to their work and develop a long-lasting relationship with the WFC as a resource for them,” the WFC noted.