SOUTH PITTSBURG, TENN. — Lodge Cast Iron is entering the food category through a partnership with spice company Old World Spice. The companies are offering Skillet Cornbread mixes in four varieties: Sweet Spot, True Southern, Hotshot Jalapeño and Sweet as Honey.

According to Lodge Cast Iron, the mixes are inspired by “authentic American cooking and eating, delivering big flavor in every bite with quality ingredients.”

“Lodge Cast Iron is proud of our over 125-year legacy, and we are excited to enter the food category in a new way with offerings made specifically for cast iron,” said Mike Otterman, president and chief executive officer of Lodge Cast Iron. “The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread Mixes and Sear Blends were developed by our cast iron experts and OWS Foods to deliver authentic flavor and food we know cast iron fans and enthusiasts will enjoy.”

The cornbread mixes come in a four-count variety pack at a suggested retail price of $19.95 on Lodge Cast Iron’s website.

Founded in 1896, Lodge Cast Iron is known for its cookware and accessories.