MADISON HEIGHTS, MICH. — Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle is launching a new line of wafers formulated with M&M’s Minis as part of a collaboration with Mars, Inc.

The snacks come in 4-oz packages and are available in Brownie Brittle M&M’s Minis, Brownie Brittle Blondie M&M’s and Brownie Brittle M&M’s Minis Gluten Free varieties. Each flavor contains 120 to 130 calories per 1-oz serving.

“Brownie Brittle is thrilled to partner with Mars on not one, but three delicious mashups with the iconic M&M'S candy brand,” said Ashley Dawkins, vice president of marketing at Brownie Brittle. “We wanted to ensure there was an option for everyone to enjoy this sweet craveable snack.”

The products are expected to retail at $3.99 in national retailers nationwide and online through the company’s website and Amazon. The launch marks Sheila G’s second collaboration since it wasacquired by Second Nature Brandsin 2022, following the addition of Brownie Brittle with Reese’s Pieces in March.