BENGALURU, INDIA — Britannia launched Millet Bread, which contains zero added maida. Packed with ragi, jowar, bajra and oats, the bread includes fiber and minerals that provide consumers a convenient way to include millet-based options in their meals.

With the launch, Britannia becomes the first company in the organized segment to bring millet bread into the fast-moving consumer goods market in India. This initiative is aligned with the central government’s goal to promote millets and provide Indians with a nutrient-rich diet.

Britannia’s goal was to disrupt the market and introduce millet bread to provide its consumers with a choice based on their current needs and preferences. Even though India is the largest producer of millets in the world, it still faces problems of unbalanced diets and micronutrient deficiency. The Britannia Millet Bread was introduced with an aim to play a part in solving these issues.

“As the pioneers in the sliced bread category in India, we’ve always been committed to bringing the latest innovations to our consumers,” said Rajneet Kohli, chief executive officer of Britannia Industries Limited.Bread is a staple diet that is consumed daily across millions of households and served in restaurants and even on flights. With the growing need for guilt-free snacking, there are rising conversations about choosing foods with millet grains for their benefits. Our aim is to offer an apt solution for our consumers in a category that is highly popular and a staple for several Indian consumers.”