Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) debuted an 18-nozzle rotating die that will increase throughput capacity up to 33% compared to the former 12-nozzle industry standard on the same-sized production line, according to the company. The new nozzle die can mount directly on all standard RBS low-pressure extruders.

“We are excited to offer this new product to our customers looking to increase capacity or create new products,” said Nico Roesler, North American pretzel and snack equipment sales manager, RBS. “The twisted products are very popular because of their unique texture and ability to hold tasty seasonings.”

The 18-nozzle design extrudes a continuous rope of dough to create “spirally wound shapes” that can be cut into twisted pretzel and stick products, the company noted. Capabilities such as the number of rotations and speed of extrusions can be independently controlled, allowing for the production of many different shapes and textures.

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