MANNHEIM, GERMANY – A global survey of 10,000 consumers in 10 countries bodes well for Mannheim-based Beneo, which offers chicory root fiber inulin and oligofructose ingredients under the Orafti brand. FMCG Gurus, a market research company based in St. Albans, United Kingdom, commissioned the study.

Fifty-four percent of the participants said they were aware of prebiotics, and about 30% said they were aware that chicory root fiber and inulin are prebiotics. When asked why they purchased food and drinks containing prebiotics, 73% said digestive health and another 73% said general well-being. Three out of four respondents said the most important factors when choosing a food or drink containing prebiotics are product efficacy, health claims and science-based claims.

“The fact that reliable claims, backed by science, are top of consumers’ wish list reinforces the approach we have taken over the past 20 years in supporting scientific prebiotic research for our ingredients,” said Myriam Snaet, head of market intelligence and consumer insights at Beneo.