OMAHA, NEB. — Scoular has launched a new global website highlighting local expertise, products and services to reach customers of the growing international business where they live.

In its April 27 announcement, Scoular said the website’s translated microsites demonstrate the company’s local knowledge and relationships in key regions: Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Europe, Mexico and Latin America. 

The website also reflects how Scoular strives to meet the unique, local needs of its grain, feed and food customers, reliably, no matter where they are in the world. The new global content will help customers discover the regional offerings and capabilities of Scoular’s global businesses, explore content in six languages and access new, translated brochures and regional contact forms.

“Scoular is known for helping customers succeed by providing what they need and when they need it locally,” said Paul Maass, chief executive officer of Scoular. “Our new website enables customers to discover our extensive offerings from any country across the globe.”