LEESBURG, VA. —Pasta Noodles Co. has introduced what it’s calling “an entirely new category of rapid-cook meals” that feature steam technology that allow the company to create pasta that cooks quicker than any other pasta on the market. According to Pasta Noodles, the meals use steam technology to create authentic Italian pasta meals that don’t require cookware or a stovetop and are ready in less than 3 minutes with only hot water. The process also extends the pasta’s shelf life to 18 months, which the company claims is “significantly longer than any other pasta option.”

According to Pasta Noodles, the technology comes from Storci, the largest Italian pasta manufacturer in the world, which the company has partnered with after five years of research and development to acquire exclusive rights to the technology and bring it to the United States. Pasta Noodles said the rapid-cook technology uses steam and dehydration processes that remove the water from the pasta prior to dehydration. In doing so, the process partially cooks the noodles in steam while maintaining the quality and flavor of the pasta, the company said.

Pasta Noodles said the rapid-cook meals will debut in three varieties: marinara, spicy marinara, and Italian mac and cheese. The meals are made with organic ingredients sourced from Italy that are low calorie, non-GMO and vegan. The company plans to expand the category by 2024.

“We believe that the future is in rapid-cook technology, and we’ve finally cracked the code on how to reduce time and effort spent cooking pasta, while delivering an authentic Italian experience that consumers come to expect from pasta meals.” said Paolo Internicola, founder and chief executive officer of Pasta Noodles. “The current demand for instant meals in the US accounts for around five billion purchases annually. With our technology and use of the finest, freshest ingredients, we’re raising the bar for what consumers can expect from the food category — and from the pasta aisle — and we’re adding quality options that have long been missing from the ready-to-eat aisle.”

The meals are available at select US retailers and on the company’s e-commerce website, with a single meal available for less than $3 and a 12-pack carrying a suggested retail price of $39.95.