Butter Buds Inc. introduced an ingredient solution offering food formulators the same taste and texture of butter but without the dairy allergen. Non-Dairy 32X serves up the same butter flavor with medium-strong salted butter middle notes as Butter Buds 32X and is ideal for a variety of foods.

“Butter Buds Non-Dairy 32X makes it possible to deliver the rich, creamy flavors of butter and cream, now in a vegan option,” said Michael Ivey, national sales director, Butter Buds Inc. “This is an exciting flavor sensation that makes it possible for manufacturers to create satisfying and craveable nondairy foods, without the risk of exposure to dairy allergens. It is also water soluble, so it’s very easy to integrate into existing formulations. Now manufacturers can keep the satisfying mouthfeel, creamy texture and buttery flavor that consumers want, without worrying about the dairy allergen.”

Non-Dairy 32X incorporates sunflower oil in combination with other natural flavors to mimic the characteristics found in dairy fat to deliver medium-strong salted butter middle notes with buttery and savory base notes for maximum flavor impact. It is shelf stable to minimize food storage refrigeration concerns and logistics costs and is easy to use in manufacturing for a wide range of applications.

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