OVERLAND PARK, KAN. — BEMA is partnering with Arizona State University (ASU) during the Workforce Wednesday edition of BEMA Convention 2023 to address labor shortages and skill gaps within the baking industry. The event is scheduled for June 20-24 in Montage Palmetto Bluff, SC.

“Partnering with ASU allows Workforce Wednesday participants the ability to tap into the insights of strong workforce development initiatives delivered by faculty from a top-tier institution,” said Emily Bowers, vice president, education and operations, BEMA. “Such a collaboration will offer participants new methods of addressing the need for an active and sustainable workforce today and in the future.”

ASU is actively addressing the workforce need though its AZ Next Program, a multi-prong approach that amplifies curriculum for industry-bound students, leads efforts to upskill and reskill the workforce, and assists companies in training their own new labor pools.

This year’s Workforce Wednesday edition will tap into ASU’s leadership to offer three workforce-focused sessions.

Key Sustainability Issues for Bakery Products and Equipment will discuss the environmental and social hot spots associated with bakery products and equipment and highlight indicators used by CPG companies and retailers to measure sustainability performance.

The second session will focus on Digital Twin & Industrial Internet of Things (IoT): A Technical & Business Discussion. This course will focus on themes of IoT and how project workstreams are relevant to these projects.

The third session is AZNext & Workforce Development Opportunities. This course will focus on how to directly address talent gaps, reduce training costs and how to enhance and add value for employees.

The Workforce Wednesday edition of BEMA Convention 2023 will take place virtually on Wednesday, June 21. The interactive professional development format is offered for the baking industry audience members unable to attend the convention in-person and is designed specifically for bakery industry professionals.

The interactive, 50-minute sessions hosted by BEMA staff are accessible anywhere in the world and will provide participants with actionable skills they can apply immediately.

Attendees of Workforce Wednesday can also join their peers virtually at the convention through BEMA Live on June 22 and June 23.