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Low carb has been the darling of diet culture for a while now, and it’s taken on many names and forms from the Atkins diet to keto. Sugar has also become the targeted ingredient of late, which puts baked goods in a bind being the marriage of carbohydrates and often sugar for delicious staples and treats. 

“What’s been so core to Sola is never wanting to compromise on the taste and enjoyment experience of the food,” said Ashley Findlay, senior director of marketing for The Sola Co., Houston, in this episode of Since Sliced Bread

Sola Co. was founded in 2012 by Chef Ryan Turner who was disappointed with the low-carb bakery options available on the market. Chef Turner, who was a personal chef at the time, set out to create his own low-carb options for his client, and his commitment to great taste led him to take the products to a wider audience. 

In this episode of Since Sliced Bread, Ms. Findlay shares how Sola Co. got to where it is today and why the company recently reformulated its product lineup, which includes bread, buns, bagels and granola. Listen to learn more about the ups and downs of keto-friendly and reduced-sugar formulating.

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