HOUSTON — Riviana Foods Inc., a subsidiary of Ebro Foods, SA, is expanding its Minute Rice Cups and Instant Rice product lines with several new varieties.

The new Minute Rice Cups flavors include butter and sea salt Jasmine rice, Spanish rice, and newly formatted cilantro and lime Jasmine rice. Cilantro and lime Jasmine rice now comes in an 8-8-oz bi-pack instead of the original 7-oz single cup. Riviana also is adding Minute Instant Basmati rice, which may be cooked in five minutes using either a microwave or stovetop.

“Riviana Foods is responding to the needs of modern consumers by offering fast, convenient, and flavorful meal options,” said Erica Larson, director of marketing at Riviana Foods. “These new Minute Rice Cups and Instant Rice offerings are designed for people who are looking for quick and easy ways to prepare meals without sacrificing taste.”

The Minute Rice Cups come in a two pack of single-serving BPA-free cups and may be microwaved in just one minute.

The newly launched products are free of gluten, preservatives, MSG and cholesterol.