MONTREAL – The number of categories where Lalmin Vita D vitamin D yeast from Lallemand is approved for use in Great Britain has expanded to 26 from 4.

“The health benefits of vitamin D continue to be proven in the scientific community,” said Celia Martin, PhD, global regulatory affairs director for Lallemand Bio-Ingredients. “We are happy to see that we are now able to provide vitamin D yeast to the market in England, Wales and Scotland. This is an extensive list of food categories and will serve the market well. Manufacturers looking for a non-animal, natural and sustainable source of vitamin D2 can benefit from our ingredient.”

Montreal-based Lallemand also has submitted an application dossier to the US Food and Drug Administration to extend the use of Lalmin vitamin D yeast in 18 food categories.

In the United Kingdom, the 22 new categories are dishes such as ready-to-eat meals; soups and salad; fried or extruded cereal, seed or root-based products; infant formula; processed cereal-based food; processed fruit products; processed vegetables; bread and similar products; breakfast cereal; pasta, doughs and similar products: other cereal-based products; spices, seasonings, condiments, sauce ingredients and dessert sauces/toppings; protein products; cheese; dairy dessert and similar products; fermented milk or fermented cream; dairy powders and concentrates; milk-based products, whey and cream; total diet replacement for weight control; meal replacements for weight control;  and foods for special medical purposes.

The ingredient already was approved in Great Britain in yeast-leavened bread and rolls, yeast-leavened fine bakery wares, food supplements, and pre-packed fresh or dry yeast for home baking.