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Bakers trying to provide better-for-you baked goods often look to reduce the amount of sugar their products deliver. However, reducing sugar is more complicated than it seems. Sugar not only provides an appealing taste but also a lot of functionality. And many of the standard replacements are no longer in vogue.

“The traditional ingredients used in sugar reduction have fallen out of favor with the consumer,” said Eric Shinsato senior project leader, innovation and technical service for Ingredion, in this bonus episode of season 14 of Since Sliced Bread. “From a solutions standpoint we’ve had to dig a little deeper in our respective toolboxes to find the ingredients that have the right appeal for the consumer.”

While ingredient technology has evolved greatly since those early days of stevia and other clean label sugar replacements, Mr. Shinsato encouraged listeners to work closely with ingredient suppliers to develop a sugar reduction system. That’s because there is no one ingredient that will replicate all the things sugar does in a formulation. 

“You have to look at basic functionality and tailor your particular solution so whatever you use to replace sugar provides very similar functionality to whatever sugar is doing in that particular application,” Mr. Shinsato said.

Listen to this episode of Since Sliced Bread to learn how to effectively reduce sugar without negatively impacting the finished product. 

Editor’s note: Season 14 of Since Sliced Bread is sponsored by Ingredion.

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