PALMETTO BLUFF, SC — At its annual convention, held Jun 20-25, BEMA elected new members to its board of directors and its executive committee. 

Mark Podl, chief executive officer of Doran Scales, was appointed to the executive committee as third vice chairman. He joins Jim Warren, vice president of Exact Mixing, Reading Bakery Systems, in his second term as chairman; Clay Miller, president of Burford Corp., as first vice chairman; and Jay Hardy, national sales director of J&K Ingredients, as second vice chairman. 

Todd Oelschlager, sales director at Corbion, and Jason Stricker, vice president of sales and marketing for Shick Esteve, join the board of directors for their first terms.

Wendi Ebbing, vice president of marketing, Bundy Baking Solutions, was elected to the board to finish the unfulfilled term of Delia Justable, formerly of Forbo Movement Systems, and now product quality assurance manager at Nestle Nutrition North America.

Mike Pierce, president of The Austin Co., was also recognized for serving on the BEMA board of directors for two terms.