LONDON, UK. — Tate & Lyle has expanded its sweetener portfolio with the addition of TASTEVA SOL stevia sweetener.

The product features over 200 times the solubility of Reb M and D products, according to the company. It also offers features such as solubility, readily dissolves in concentrates, and remains soluble at low pH, the company said.

“Consumers continue to shift from full-sugar to reduced-sugar foods and beverages and do not want to sacrifice taste,” said Papao Saisnith, senior director, global marketing and innovation, sugar and calorie reduction, Tate & Lyle. “TASTEVA SOL meets consumer needs as it provides a solution for manufacturers looking to formulate great tasting, clean label sugar-reduced products where solubility often becomes a challenge."

TASTEVA SOL may be used in applications such as beverages and alcohols, yogurt and fruit preparation, sweet syrups and concentrates.