ADM launched its Knwble Grwn brand to provide consumers wholesome, sustainably sourced plant-based food ingredients. Knwble Grwn products are produced by small or underrepresented farmers using regenerative agricultural practices that help protect the environment. The new brand complements ADM’s other sustainability initiatives.

“Our focus with Knwble Grwn is to provide consumers products that are people-centered, planet-conscious and purpose-driven,” said Jaime Goehner, ADM commercial manager. “ADM’s supply chain leadership enables us to source ingredients from farmers who share our passion for regenerative agriculture.”

The Knwble Grwn product line is inspired by a women- and minority-led team at ADM. The line includes flaxseed, hemp seed, flax oil, hemp oil and quinoa. The products offer consumers an opportunity to make thoughtful purchases of wholesome food ingredients that are flavorful additions to many recipes, according to the company.

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