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While bread can sometimes struggle against negative messaging around carbs and gluten, artisan bread manages to rise above the noise and seems to have captured the attention of consumers. It’s simple ingredient list, quality taste and texture, and Old World tradition resonates with shoppers in a way conventional bread often doesn’t. 

In the opening episode of season 15 of Since Sliced Bread, Jonathan Davis, culinary innovation leader at Aspire Bakeries, Los Angeles, shares his thoughts on what elevates artisan bread. 

“I do feel artisan bread could be a gateway to people eating bread,” he said. “There’s a health halo to that natural fermentation process that we should focus on.” 

Consumers are interested in where their food comes from, how it’s made and also investing in quality food that takes their eating experience to the next level. All of this is a boon to the artisan bread category. 

“People are a lot more experienced so they can recognize quality more now,” Mr. Davis said. 

Listen to this episode of Since Sliced Bread to learn more about how Mr. Davis thinks artisan bakers can improve their quality and the trends they need to be aware of as the category grows. 

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