NAPA, CALIF. — Representative Ashley Hinson of Iowa spoke about the importance for the 2023 farm bill to provide a strong safety net for all US famers.

“Title I provides critical tools that we can use to protect food security and also the health of our rural communities,” Ms. Hinson said Aug. 8 at the International Sweetener Symposium sponsored by the American Sugar Alliance. “I am committed to elevating farmers’ priorities and perspectives to craft bipartisan policies.”

As a member of the House Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, Ms. Hinson advocates for policies that sustain the farm economy and provide farmers with resources they need to keep growing and producing.

She emphasized her work to ensure Congress invests in the competitiveness of American producers, including championing precision agriculture and innovation in the PRECISE Act.

“Food security is national security,” Ms. Hinson said, reiterating the theme expressed by other members of Congress speaking in person and virtually at the symposium.

“There are a lot of personalities involved,” she said concerning timely passage of the 2023 farm bill. “I hope to execute an agenda to deliver a timely farm bill.”

Most speakers at the symposium were doubtful the new farm bill will be completed this calendar year.