HORSHAM, PA. — Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU), a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo SAB de CV, will share the baking philosophy behind its Arnold, Brownberry and Oroweat brands as part of a newly launched fully integrated brand campaign.

The campaign, “Baked the Right Way,” features grandmas shattering outdated stereotypes of what makes a grandma while focusing on various products from the brands’ core offerings: whole grains, keto and Grains Almighty. According to BBU, “consumers know and trust that grandma always uses the best ingredients, takes her time to do it right and bakes with love.”

The campaign is live across online video streaming platforms, social media and digital advertising.

“Consumers understand that it’s not by chance that Arnold, Brownberry, and Oroweat have been baking great tasting breads for a very long time — it’s because we do things right,” said Allan Hoffman, director of marketing for premium bread at Bimbo Bakeries USA. “Our Baked the Right Way campaign is based on deep consumer understanding and features our trusted baking expertise and experience in a fun and memorable way.”