MANHATTAN, KAN. — Students will be introduced to analytical techniques that they may encounter when working with flour mills and bakeries as part of the IGP-KSU Practical Flour and Dough Testing course being offered Nov. 28-Dec. 1 at the IGP Institute on the campus of Kansas State University.

The course will provide a broad understanding of standard analytical methods and procedures commonly used in flour quality testing through hands-on exercises. It will show how analyses are done as well as how to evaluate, interpret and use the results.

Basic analytical tools used for flour analysis that will be covered in the course include moisture, pH, TTA, SRC, gluten washing, damaged starch, and rheological tests such as farinograph, mixograph, falling number, mixolab, alveograph, and RVA that measure various dough properties.

The course is intended for employees of flour milling companies, baking companies, ingredients suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

The cost of the course is $1,400. For more information or to register, visit the IGP Institute website.