MINNEAPOLIS — Good & Gather, a food brand of Target, is launching an assortment of new products for babies and toddlers called Good & Gather Baby and Good & Gather Toddler.

The products include teethers, yogurt bites, bars and biscuits that are designed to make feeding babies and toddlers of 8 to 12 months simple and convenient no matter if they are at home or not. According to Target, Good & Gather Baby and Good & Gather Toddler are similar to other products in the brand in that they are made without artificial flavors, synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners and high-fructose corn syrup. They also are clearly labeled so parents can more easily find the right developmentally appropriate snack for their baby or toddler.

Target said its team of food and culinary scientists worked together to create the new recipes. Since the products are designed for infants who advance through different stages of life, part of this creation process is understanding what tastes and textures babies and toddlers love and how to meet their growing needs.

“For generations, parents have turned to Target to help them care for their children — and I’m excited that we’re building on that legacy in food and beverage with the launch of Good & Gather Baby and Good & Gather Toddler,” said Rick Gomez, chief food and beverage officer at Target. “For little ones, these products are delicious. And parents will love that they are made with quality ingredients, are incredibly affordable and are designed with the developmental stages of their babies and toddlers in mind.”

Both Good & Gather Baby products and Good & Gather Toddler products are available in Target stores and on its website. These products are being sold for less than $5, and they all come with a money-back guarantee.