In this Baking & Snack case study, Editor Charlotte Atchley speaks with John Dobie, vice president of operations, Handi Foods, Toronto, and Sam Pallottini, director of equipment sales for cookie, cracker and pet food with Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), about how RBS has supported Handi Foods as it expanded beyond pita bread into the snack category.  

“Within the past five years our growth in the snacks business had accelerated greatly, and the current capabilities and tech were not keeping up with what we needed to supply to our customers,” Mr. Dobie explained. “So we went out looking for a solution that would add to our capacity, lower our labor costs and go with a partner in the industry that really fully understood snacks and could get us to the end goal we were looking for.” 

At the International Baking Industry Exposition 2019, Handi Foods connected with RBS and began working together to solve the challenges Handi Foods was facing. 

In this interview Mr. Dobie and Mr. Pallottini share how RBS helped Handi Foods meet growing demand and the snack manufacturer’s future plans.