News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Nothing borrowed with ancient grains
Ancient grains attract formulators and consumers with unmodified state.

Welcome to Fabulous Pack Expo
The processing and packaging show heads to glitzy Las Vegas for 2011.

Ancient Grains Something Old
Ancient grains allow companies to marry flavor and nutrition in snack chips and crackers.

Something new from ancient grains
Thinking outside the chip or cracker with popped sorghum.

Four-Plus Daily of Whole Grains
Australia's voluntary coalition promotes the consumption of whole grains.

How to pay for energy efficiency projects
Alternative funding strategies to keep your sustainability goals on track.

Sustainability as a journey
Eric Battino on PepsiCo's efficiency progress.

Turn utility costs into cash flow
Companies are putting millions of dollars to work instead of paying it to the utility companies.

Global debate on GM wheat
How the world views genetic modification.

In-store Bakery vs Bread Aisle
Numbers show the aisle sales still beat in-store bakeries.

GM gets moving again
New realities in the commodities market and scientific advances prompt a general shift in attitude toward the development of biotech wheat.

A Chance for Change
ABA’s commodities committee chair foresees better chances for reform that could benefit the whole industry in this volatile environment.

Organic not buying GM story
One side of the debate over genetically modified wheat.

Traits of interest for GM wheat
A look at target qualities for genetically modified wheat.

Educating Consumers
Bakers teach how to stretch one loaf of artisan bread.

GM wheat here and abroad
A global view of genetic modification.

On a ReCon Mission
PepsiCo works in the trenches at more than 100 of its suppliers’ facilities to ensure they’re all in step with its resource conservation program.

Artisan Bread Ahead of Its Time
Popular food trends catch up to the artisan bread industry, boosting its market potential.

FritoLay makes recycling pay
How byproducts can become raw ingredients.

Educating Consumers
Bakers teach how to stretch one loaf of artisan bread.

Wheat Improvement Change of Tech
Advances in technology open new choices for the improvement of wheat, both conventionally bred now and genetically modified to come.

Snyders Lance delivers on solar power promise
How the company expects to save close to 30% of its energy costs.

When WalMart speaks suppliers act
How the retail giant is leading the industry into sustainable practices.

ABA new website focuses on sustainability
How to find resources to increase your bakery's energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint.

Contract manufacturing FAQ and tips
What's the difference between private label, contract manufacturing and contract packaging?