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Expo East 2016: Plant-based a powerful force in the food industry

9/27/2016 - Sales of plant-based products are growing at twice the rate of the total food and beverage industry, according to SPINS.

Pleasing two kinds of customers with whole grains

9/27/2016 - Health-seekers already want them while a stealth approach might work with the fast-and-familiar group.

Barilla chef: Whole grain pasta needs bold partners

9/27/2016 - Chunky sauces and vegetables with ‘assertive’ flavors may stand up to whole grains.

Bowling children over with whole grains

9/26/2016 - Adding whole grains to bowls and salads may increase their intake in schools.

Which natural food trends are poised to succeed in the mainstream?

9/26/2016 - Insights shared at Expo East reveal product concepts proven to resonate with conventional consumers.