News and feature stories from Baking & Snack

Rediscovering an American baking staple
Rare varieties and nutritional benefits make corn a fashionable ingredient.

Mold inhibitors go clean label
Mold inhibitors for bread and cake products now take a cleaner path.

Yet another new labeling rule
When Congress preempted GMO labeling of foods by the states, it created more regulations.

Enriched grains deserve more attention
Here’s how GFF works to bring forward the advantages of enrichment.

Fortification for today's lifestyles
Plant-based proteins and prebiotics answer the call for healthier, better-for-you foods.

Racing pulses
More snacks and baked goods now feature pulse ingredients as formulators learn more about their ‘superfood’ benefits.

Q&A: How to deliver fortification that consumers want
Premixes promise customizable nutrition that’s easy to enhance baked foods.

All about antioxidants
Natural or synthetic, antioxidants help bakers break the wave of oxidation and stave off staling.

The shelf life balancing act
Increasing the shelf life of baked goods involves considering more than just time.

Chocolate and the clean label movement
Chocolate cannot escape the trend toward clean ingredients, but has a leg up on that matter.

Shifting fiber definition requires a new game plan
FDA’s new definition of dietary fiber changes the playing field and its rules, as fiber ingredient producers seek to regain or boost their standings.

Leavening sans sodium
Potassium bicarbonate gives equal performance as its sodium counterpart, plus a bit of sweetness.

The healthy side of chocolate
As chocolate’s benefits are better understood, formulators can use this indulgent ingredient to boost the health perception of their products.

Why enrichment still matters
Christine Cochran from the Grain Foods Foundation shares the history and importance of enrichment.

Why fortify or enrich your products?
As consumers look for more from their daily bread, formulators look to enrichment and fortification ingredients to deliver that something extra.

The changing world of oils
Base oils and their production methods continue to evolve as consumers seek baked goods made with healthful ingredients.

Inclusions leave lasting impressions
Crunchy pea-protein bits join specialty grain and flavor, color inclusions to make products look and taste better.

Post-PHO emulsifiers change the game
Palm offers promise, with sustainable palm getting the nod.

Application-specific shortenings for post-PHO success
Blends tap the various benefits of multiple base oils.

Special bakers yeast strain cuts acrylamide risk
By consuming the amino acid asparagine, it removes the carcinogen’s precursor compound.

New realities in fats and oils
The type of application will drive the choice of base oil and the shortening that results.

Many factors to replacing PHOs
The base oil has the most impact on product performance.

Benefits of "no-sugar-added" sweeteners
Inulin and isomaltulose don't contribute added sugars to formulations, but are naturally sweet.

Yeast's nutritional benefits
Baker's yeast provides some unique functions, from fighting carcinogens to offering a boost of vitamins.

Inulin, a highly studied prebiotic
Recent scientific research proves the worth of inulin in the diets of children and prediabetics.