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The many forms of sucrose
Sucrose is the standard sweetener to which all others are compared.

Bakeries struggle to acquire organic flour
With less than 1% of agriculture devoted to organic, flour suppliers look to strengthen supply chain.

Four roles fats play in baked foods
Understanding how fat functions in a product’s formulation is key to finding the right ingredient.

The shift to short label introduces formulating risks
Formulators should consider taste, function and processing before removing ingredients.

Two methods for disguising off-flavors in natural products
Finding the right flavor balance is about knowing what to hide and what to spotlight.

How to source plant-based proteins
Through careful procurement and mixing, formulators deliver high-demand health benefits.

Building credibility through ingredient traceability
Sourcing certified ingredients becomes increasingly important for curious consumers.

Avoiding the pitfalls of plant proteins
Taste and texture can become product development hurdles, but solutions are on the rise.

The clean label alternative
Clean label has been all the rage in formulating, but a shorter ingredient list can hold a lot of appeal to consumers as well.

Understanding the limitations of natural flavors
Advances have been made but formulating challenges remain when switching from artificial to natural flavors.

Revamping formulations with variety flours
Formulators looking for clean label solutions and value-added ingredients must start by looking at which flours they are using.

Emulsifiers bring stability in transition from phos
Phos have to go, and not just in fats but in emulsifiers as well. Formulators work to maintain all that they do.

Seasonal or ethnic, natural flavors can play into any trend
Advances in natural flavors allow bakers to get adventurous with products.

Fiber solutions reduce sugar, entice consumers
When sugar reduction is the goal, fiber can fill holes in formulations and offer nutritional benefits.

How to replace chemical dough conditioners with enzymes
Bakers must recognize parameters and functionality before swapping.

Alternative flours take another step into the mainstream
Flours derived from plants deliver the nutrition, flavor and novelty consumers crave.

Bittersweet cutbacks: Strategies for sugar reduction
“Added sugar” labeling change forces bakers to find alternative methods of sugar replacement.

Clean label sweeteners ease formulating challenges
Reducing sugars with clean label alternatives helps meet consumer demands.

Breaking down the benefits of five dairy proteins
The possibilities to capitalize on dairy ingredients’ healthy attributes are exploding as consumers seek more from their baked foods.

Rediscovering an American baking staple
Rare varieties and nutritional benefits make corn a fashionable ingredient.

Mold inhibitors go clean label
Mold inhibitors for bread and cake products now take a cleaner path.

Yet another new labeling rule
When Congress preempted GMO labeling of foods by the states, it created more regulations.

Enriched grains deserve more attention
Here’s how GFF works to bring forward the advantages of enrichment.

Fortification for today's lifestyles
Plant-based proteins and prebiotics answer the call for healthier, better-for-you foods.

Racing pulses
More snacks and baked goods now feature pulse ingredients as formulators learn more about their ‘superfood’ benefits.