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Bellarise launches organic dough conditioner

5/3/2016 - The ingredient list features non-bioengineered and organic wheat flour, enzymes and ascorbic acid.

New Dow ingredient reduces fat in fried foods

4/28/2016 - Wellence FR acts an oil barrier in batters and breadings during frying.

F.D.A. has no objection to pea protein's GRAS status

4/20/2016 - PurisPea may be used in such items as baked foods, smoothies beverages and soups.

Barentz to distribute plant protein ingredient globally

4/20/2016 - Lentein, derived from a water lentil, won an I.F.T. award in 2015.

Glitter ingredients feature naturally sourced colors

4/19/2016 - Watson adds to its Edible Glitter portfolio.