In this Baking & Snack Case Study, Editor Charlotte Atchley sits down with Juan Pablo Viejo, vice president and chief operating officer of Easy Foods, Kissimmee, Fla.; and Sergio Caballero, regional sales manager, and Matt Wermund, general manager, both of FoodTools, to discuss how the relationship between the two companies have lead to growth for both. 

Easy Foods manufactures flour, corn and flavored tortillas and wraps and as the company has grown it has incorporated more automation from FoodTools to keep up with growing demand and capacity needs. In this video interview, Mr. Viejo shared how FoodTools helped Easy Foods automate the process of cutting tortillas into chips while also providing fully automated lines as this side of the business continued to grow. 

“Ever since we met Neil and Matt at FoodTools we’ve grown exponentially, and every chip we cut in our facility we cut we use the FoodTools equipment,” he said. “We learned to trust them and their customer service is incredible and that’s how relationships are built and get stronger.”

Through this relationship, Easy Foods has challenged FoodTools to get out of the company’s comfort zone of cake portioning and move into new categories for the equipment supplier, like tortilla and tortilla chips. In that way, the long-standing relationship between Easy Food and FoodTools has helped both companies reach new heights.