Today’s mainstream trend favors high-protein foods that offer health benefits and good taste. And when made with pulse-based Homecraft flours and Vitessence protein ingredients from Ingredion, these foods also appeal to shoppers seeking simplified ingredient statements.

For the food manufacturer, identifying the right source of protein that enables a “high protein” claim on its food labels can be challenging, according to a company statement. “Both cost and sustainability are also primary considerations,” it added.

The two ingredient lines are made from sustainably sourced chickpeas, faba beans, yellow lentils and yellow peas. They suit a variety of baked food, pasta and snack applications. Free from common allergens, pulse flours and protein work well in gluten-free applications.

Homecraft flours come in coarse, fine and very fine particle sizes, and they offer twice as much protein as cereal grains. Vitessence pulse proteins are certified gluten-free and enable product claims such as “high protein” and “source of protein.” Offered as protein concentrates, they contain 55 to 60% protein.

Ingredion provides factsheets for pulse flours and proteins on its website.