Scott McCally, Autobake
Scott McCally has been named president of Auto-Bake.

ELGIN, ILL. — Auto-Bake, part of the Middleby Bakery Group, promoted Scott McCally to the position of president.

Mr. McCally joined the company in 2010, helping to build Stewart Systems and Baker Thermal Solutions engineering teams. He has also been involved in many customer acquisition efforts for the company, executing several turnkey projects and driving many innovation initiatives within Middleby. Prior to Stewart Systems he was director of engineering at CriderAmericas.

He received a bachelor’s of science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of North Texas.

“Under his leadership, the Auto-Bake team will be introducing the next generation of baking systems for bread, buns and artisan breads, while keeping the on-going modernization efforts for the current applications,” said Mark Salman, president, Middleby.