A makeover for corn masa flour puts it front-and-center for formulating gluten-free baked foods. Soulmaize Bakery, a new line of corn ingredients introduced by Minsa, Muleshoe, TX, enables such applications and adds the benefits of its whole-grain, GM-free, high-fiber and organic qualities.

The line consists of corn-based premixes for different markets, including pancakes, waffles, tamales, churros, pizza, muffins, cakes and cookies, according to Ivan Ahumada, national retail sales manager, Minsa. “A variety of other products are under development,” he said.

Trials of Soulmaize have progressed from the R&D lab and been scaled up for industrial production. The low investment, if any, to run products on existing equipment multiplies the potential of these ingredients, Mr. Ahumada said.

“Corn is known and consumed worldwide, and its availability compared with other gluten-free grains is significantly higher,” he added. Plus, the nixtamalization process used to make Soulmaize cooks corn with calcium hydroxide, thus providing the nutritional bonus of calcium to the finished product.