There’s a high-oleic, high-stearic oil in your future, and its name is Nutrisun sunflower. High-stearic oils carry lower saturated fats but greater solids content — imagine the bakery possibilities.

The new sunflower is being developed by Advanta Technologies, a seed company based at Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is within a year or two of commercialization, according to Fernanda Filgueira Risso, the company’s marketing and communications leader. “We are currently having both preliminary and advanced commercial conversations with leader food companies in the world,” she said.

What’s its advantage? “The higher level of stearic and oleic acids yields a product with a higher level of solids, which works well for tropical fat replacement,” Ms. Filgueira reported. Nutrisun, a non-GMO product, promises sustainability, social responsibility and health advantages.

“Nutrisun oils face a very interesting opportunity,” Ms. Filgueira said. “Their increased oleic levels, together with very low linoleic content, yield products with strong oxidative stability. Functionality, stability and regulation compliance are the strong driving factors for our product’s positioning.”

The company has also developed a mid-stearic variety for frying applications and is about to launch an ultra-high-oleic product with an oleic acid level exceeding 90%.

“These oils offer great advantages and have a great future,” observed John Sandbakken, executive director, National Sunflower Association.