The New Year is typically marked by change, but a recent study from Technomic, Chicago, IL, found that consumers are sticking with comfort and stability, at least when it concerns breakfast. Technomic’s “Breakfast Consumer Trend Report” found that 46% of consumers would like to see full-service restaurants offer breakfast throughout the day. 32% would like breakfast offered all day in limited-service restaurants.

Kellogg Company and General Mills accounted for 57% of the cereal market.

Private-label cereals are the fastest-growing with gains of 12.8% to account for 12.3% share.

93% of respondents to a Mintel Internet survey eat cold cereal
68% prefer hot cereal. reported Kellogg Company, General Mills, Quaker and Ralcorp Holdings generated more than 80% of cereal sales during 2008-09.


2009 Top Coupon Categories

1. Ready-to-Eat Cereal
2. Yogurt
3. Sweet Snacks
4. Refrigerated Dough
5. Salty Snacks


Technomic study findings include:

25% of consumers often treat themselves to a large, traditional breakfast on weekends.

43% say they visit their preferred restaurant for weekend breakfasts because of how the food tastes, while weekday breakfast visits are driven by inexpensive offerings (45%) and
convenience of location (38%).

63% expect their breakfast purchases at restaurants and convenience stores to remain about the same in 2010.


A Datamonitor article predicted the digestive health ingredients market will likely be driven by the prebiotics segment, with bakery and cereals among the more successful sectors, according to a report from market analysts Frost & Sullivan.

ConAgra surveyed 3,000 consumers about breakfast and found that most breakfast occasions fell into one of three categories.
1. The A.M. Pitstop. A drive-by
experience, a repast unfettered by such niceties as, say, chewing. The Pitstop breakfast patrons only goal
is to fill up and make tracks.
2. Getaway Break. Diners who seek out the Getaway Break view their morning meal as a brief but necessary pause in their routines — a chance to relax, reinvigorate and gear up for the rest of the pre-lunch hours.
3. Personal Oasis. Consumers who either have more time or make more time to enjoy their mornings and savor breakfast fully.


Fast-food restaurants have improved in consumers’ perception of healthy food offerings. 35% say they would like fast-food establishments to offer more healthy options, down from 43% in 2007.

Leading fast-casual restaurant chains are adding new entrees and side items to their breakfast menus faster than any other restaurant sub-segment.

Datamonitor reported more than 7% of 1,500 respondents to a recent survey report buying breakfast sandwiches sometimes or often on weekdays and 70% buy them on the weekends.