The hectic nature of most mornings has led to the introduction of countless products designed to make life easier in the moments between climbing out of bed and walking into the workplace.

Mondelez International, East Hanover, NJ, takes aim at those busy moments through its Nabisco platform with belVita Bites Breakfast Biscuits, an on-the-go, nutritious breakfast product.

“Mornings are a particularly busy time for our consumers. They are looking for quick, nutritious breakfast choices that can be enjoyed no matter how busy their schedules,” said Mikhail Chapnik, senior brand manager for belVita. “The portability and poppability of belVita Bites make it simple and fun to enjoy while on the go.”

The belVita brand, first marketed in Europe, was brought to the US in 2012. Since its launch on Super Bowl Sunday of that year, it and the overall biscuit category have seen success stateside. Recently, belVita Bites hit the shelves of cookie and cracker aisles nationwide. Although Europeans call all cookies “biscuits,” in the US market the term applies to less sweet cookie-like items.

“We revolutionized the breakfast category for millions of consumers by launching the breakfast biscuit category in the US; belVita has experienced phenomenal success since launch, and the breakfast biscuit category in the US has grown,” Mr. Chapnik said. “We expect to see continued growth as the consumer need for this type of nutritious, convenient breakfast choice will only expand.”

Targeted at active adults between the ages of 25 and 45, the Bites, which come in Chocolate and Mixed Berry flavors, provide 4 g fiber and 20 g whole grains in each serving. According to the company, whole grains provide slow-release carbs that lead to half a day’s worth of steady energy. Throw in some yogurt and a piece of fruit, and the Bites can play their part in a complete breakfast.

Each 8.8-oz box retails for $3.69. In addition to the fiber and whole grains, each 50 g serving of biscuits has 230 Cal and 4 g protein. “Each serving provides four hours of nutritious, steady energy and is individually wrapped,” Mr. Chapnik said.

The launch of belVita Bites has been accompanied by a marketing campaign that began in early January. The “Morning Win” campaign includes a new television spot as well as radio, digital and social media support. A program that launched in mid-January asks consumers to share their own “Morning Wins” by way of social media.

“Within all of this media, we celebrate small victories that are provided by the four hours of steady energy from belVita,” Mr. Chapnik said.