As part of Danisco’s Care4U range of natural protective materials, new Natamax B provides a naturally derived antimicrobial that adds extra days to shelf life of baked foods. It inhibits yeast and mold and replaces in-dough antimicrobials such as calcium propionate, which adversely affect flavor. Produced by a bacterial fermentation process, Natamax B’s active compound is natamycin, an antifungal used commercially in foods such as shredded cheeses and beverages since the 1970s. Sprayed on baked foods immediately after baking, it does not migrate into the product, remaining on the surface where mold can grow. It is effective at low concentrations (7 to 20 ppm) and is active over a wide pH range (3 to 9). Danisco teamed up with Spraying Systems Co. to devise an economical spray-on delivery system.

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