The sanitary, self-guided drive Volta Superdrive dough conveyors from AMF Bakery Systems provide fully automated dough transfer from mixer to divider. The conveyors help to eliminate pipe damage to the dough or pulley belt tracking issues. They are engineered with a super drive design, and the vertical transfer conveyors provide low tension conveying to eliminate premature belt wear. The conveyors are constructed with a heavy-duty tubular stainless steel frame and a reliable direct drive motor. This construction helps provide years of trouble-free operation. They have a heavy-duty gear reducer with a ratio matched to specifications and a poly belt scraper system. The Volta Superdrive belting reduces sanitation time, maintenance, water and chemical expenditures and helps reduce electricity consumption. This is due to its ability to lower bacteria counts for a cleaner product with improved shelf life. The belting features a smooth, homogenous surface without crevices. There is no ply or edge fraying and no hinges or moving parts and pins.
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