MINNEAPOLIS — Cargill has launched a new aspect to its food ingredient web site on cargill.com that focuses on oils and shortening.

The new oils and shortening knowledge center may be found at www.cargill.com/food/oilsforhealthysolutions, and it provides information for food manufacturers who want to form healthier products.

"This new knowledge center is a great source of information about fats and oils and really serves as a portal to answering questions about current issues and options," said Lynne Morehart, technical services manager for Cargill’s oils and shortening team. "We believe it will be a helpful tool for food manufacturers looking for solutions to achieve their nutrition, performance and cost goals."

The goal of the site is to provide an overview of oils and shortenings and help others learn about issues such as nutrition claims and palm sustainability. It also features "from the experts" and "solutions" sections.