THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS — The first convention of the World Foresight Forum will be held in The Hague April 13-15 aimed at examining the rapidly changing global economic and social landscape and their effect on a number of industries, including food. The convention is sponsored by the nonprofit World Foresight Forum Foundation, which represents a joint initiative of Granaria Holdings, The Hague Center for Strategic Studies and TNO.

Chairman of the Foundation and the convention is Joel Wyler, who also is chairman of Granaria. The latter was for many years a leading The Netherlands-based trader in grains. Its grain operations were sold in 1990 and the group now operates as an investment company under the direction of Mr. Wyler and his brother, Danny Wyler. The other forum principals are independent organizations, with TNO, a leading Holland-based research organization serving both industry and government in focusing on innovation.

The convention, planned as a biennial event, is drawing prominent speakers from around the world to address major shifts in fundamental driving forces like ecology, population, science and technology, economy, geopolitical and security, and society and culture.

“A successful transition to a sustainable and prosperous future can only occur if we embrace a new approach,” Joel Wyler said. “At the W.F.F. Convention, we will connect the seemingly unrelated dots scattered around multiple sectors that define the world we live in.”

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