The TCS-400M Tape Closure System from Burford seals products using a metal-free closure. It works with a wide variety of packaging materials and can easily be added to an existing production line.

“The tamper-evident feature of this packaging machine makes it unique in the industry,” said Clay Miller, sales engineer. “It provides a resealable closure that includes a tamper-evident feature on standard poly bags. The paper backing allows for consumers to see if the package has been opened while also allowing them to reclose the package numerous times.”

Mr. Miller noted the TCS-400M allows for metal detection to be moved downstream, thus improving food safety. “For bakeries that have existing customers requiring a tamper-evident tape closure, this can help increase their production throughput by moving away from the manual tape applicators into this high-speed automated system,” he said.

The PLC-controlled TCS-400M can process up to 70 bags per minute. For optimal performance, a minimum bag thickness of 1.25 Mil is required.

 “It can help customer’s products stand out of from the crowd and differentiate themselves in markets that may not have tape, or those in need of tamper evidence,” Mr. Miller said.

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