CHATTANOOGA, TENN. — Grain Craft, the largest independent and third largest flour miller in the United States, has revamped its website to include an enhanced user experience throughout, a new Insights technical page, detailed product pages and an interactive “contact us” form.

According to Grain Craft, the redesigned site has been developed as a quick resource for both large-scale and retail bakers, pizzaioli, distributors and industry partners. In addition, it has been built to be fully responsive, offering the same experience on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. Grain Craft said website users will find easy access to videos and product-specific information along with ease of navigation and multiple access points to pages.

The addition of the new Insights page offers users “a comprehensive resource to learn about wheat and flour along with dough preparation tips and formulas,” the company said. The wheat section features an interactive wheat map to help users understand the differences and applications of each wheat class. Meanwhile, an expandable library of “Dough with Dave” videos — a series of videos featuring Dave Krishock, bakery technical manager at Grain Craft, demonstrates and answers dough processing and preparation questions.  

“We feel this new site design offers a seamless transition from our previous one with an enhanced experience for all types of users,” said Natalie Faulkner, director of communications at Grain Craft. “It not only provides ease of access to product information, but also allows us to be a resource to our customers any time of the day or night.”

The redesign also features an extensive summary for those who want to learn more about Grain Craft’s history, culture and values, the company said.  The “About Us” and “Careers” sections include robust, easy-to find information on the company and available career opportunities, Grain Craft said.