Improving training ROI will be the focus of a Baking Industry Forum (BIF) breakfast during BEMA’s annual meeting this June.

During the Friday morning session, BIF members will discuss successful training practices using the five P’s — Problem, Preparation, Presentation, Performance and Preservation. BIF is a small group of bakers and suppliers who have come together to discuss topics and issues facing the commercial baking industry.

By providing specific information, the presenters hope to show that optimal training will ensure safety, reliability and savings (SRS).

For “Problem,” Mike Pierce of The Austin Co. and Jeff Dearduff of Aryzta will create the need and define training issues.

For “Preparation,” Gary Ellington of Kwik Lok Corp. and Jack Lewis of Lewis Bakeries will define best practices for preparing successful training, defining what works and what doesn’t.

For “Presentation,” Jeffrey Teasdale of Pepperidge Farm and Mike Day of Banner-Day will look at how to integrate training for successful outcomes.

For “Performance,” Robert Benton of Flower Foods, Clive Tolson of Baker Thermal Solutions and Chuck Wellard of the American Bakers Association will offer measurements of successful training, including ROI. They will integrate SRS into training performance.

Lastly, for “Preserve,” Lisa Arato of Zeppelin Systems and Dave Hipenbecker of the Kroger Co. will focus on keeping training relevant as time, products and processes change. Also, they will cover retention and new opportunities for existing employees with training.

The BEMA annual meeting will take place June 20-25 at The Broadmoor, a historic resort in Colorado Springs, CO.

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